Intuition MUST lead the way! June 2021 Celestial Wisdom

*** Disclaimer~ I am writing this blog just before Mercury stations and retrogrades. Anything goes!***

The month of June 2021 invites us to become the eye of the storm, and to find shelter from the whirling and spinning of our minds, anxiety and information by staying present in each moment, keeping our sense of humor, and providing A LOT of space and grace for ourselves and others.

Mercury Retrograde in its home sign of Gemini is bringing out both the Guide and the Trickster. Consider Mercury Retrograde a time when we question what we thought was “real” as Mercury clouds our minds, our judgments, and decision making process. Often these questions arise through circumstances outside our control, and our mind races to find an immediate solution. When a solution isn’t readily available, we can panic, get anxious, or worse, lose hope and faith in ourselves and the Universe.

This is one reason during any Mercury Retrograde I use the mantra, “Not everything is as it APPEARS to be.”

Mercury may be playing tricks in certain areas of our lives (i.e. electronics, communication, conversations, travel, how we learn) like the annoying sibling or friend trying to get a good laugh out of us. Mercury’s intention isn’t to harm us, but to remind us that our perception creates the interpretation of our reality. If we view the world against us then we will find everything wrong with it. Yet if we view the world as loving and giving us just what we need (not always what we want), we can find grace, humor, and sweet rewards. If we find ourselves on the receiving end of Mercury’s practical joke, using tools such as: grounding, humor, spaciousness, meditation, a third party to bounce opinions and ideas off of, and spaciousness will come in handy. We have some cosmic support from Saturn who is also retrograde until October making a wide trine aspect (6-8 degrees) with Mercury while it is in retrograde motion. If we tap into Saturn’s practical, grounding, realistic and disciplined approach we can fall back onto the structures within ourselves that support us. If we find ourselves caught in the stoic and more serious approach that Saturn also embodies to Mercurial tricks, we may create situations where we become depressed, get caught in negative mental loops, or get resentful and bitter towards the person or situation we perceive to have caused havoc in our lives. How we choose to respond is the power we have.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini will have us revisiting people, situations, and subject matters from our past. Consider when Mercury was retrograde in Aquarius back in February.

What themes may have arisen then? They may be back in our lives so that we can rework them and find a solution today that we didn’t have then. We may be recommitting ourselves to work, our beloved, a health regime, or belief that can support us. We may be re-evaluating our relationships and asking a lot of questions both within ourselves and of those we are in relationship with.

Mercury retrogrades are wonderful reminders to take our time and give ourselves and others a lot of space and grace to process, internalize, and let go of the logical mind and drop into the heart. This is when Mercury can become our Guide as it leads us back to our hearts so that we can listen deeply to the wisdom that resides there.