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Foundations of Astrology

Foundations of Astrology

The Greatest Story Ever Told- YOU


Want to deepen your sense of self-awareness? Embrace and activate your sixth sense? Watch for cycles and patterns that help you align with your true self and self-expression? Begin or continue the journey of healing. Maybe you just want to learn astrology.


Maybe you have questions such as:

  • Why am I here?

  • What is my purpose?

  • How can I break free of limiting patterns?

  • How can I integrate both light and shadow for wholeness?


This class is for you!


In this 9 Weeks Class you will:

  • Discover and learn how to read a birth chart

  • Learn to chart planetary cycles in your daily life and optimize potentials

  • Develop your intuition and the skills to become your own astrologer

  • Learn how to interpret the planetary forces at work within your own or anyone else’s natal chart. 

  • Discover the distinctive qualities that each planet takes on through the signs of the zodiac and how they operate at your time of birth

  • Gain insight into your character and life events

  • Get a rich understanding of relationships, including romantic, business, and group dynamics from an astrological perspective

  • Explore the world of planetary timing as you learn how to work with the great power of new and full moons and major alignments in the sky with a glimpse at what’s in store for the year ahead


An interactive, experiential class for the basics of astrology that offer you the information, tools and practices to use astrology for your greatest benefit. The greater self-aware we become the better we can show up for ourselves and others, make conscious choices and take action based on a co-creative mindset versus letting life and external circumstances decide for us. The self-aware we become the more we bring all six senses online and return to our true nature…wholeness, light, and purity.


As your co-pilot on this adventure, I will offer my understanding and experience with astrology and invite your inner teacher and wisdom to shape this learning with me. I have had the privilege of being under the tutelage of the Late Master Astrologer Alan Oken, studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, England, and my own personal adventure in the world of astrology. As you buckle up for this ride with me, your contribution will add another layer to the ever evolving art form called Astrology.  I would be honored for you to join me.


You will be given assignments after each class, as well as resources to enhance your learning, and Q&A office hours will be provided.


*** We will use Zoom to connect. All Sessions will be recorded.


When signing up for this class please submit your Full Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and City and State of Birth. I will send you your natal chart prior to class. I use the Whole House System for interpretation. 




Module 1- History of Astrology

  • Origins and modern day application of astrology

  • Birth Chart and the solar system

  • Birth Chart and personality and soul


Link to sign up:


Module 2- The Sacred Language of Astrology

  • Introduction to the Planets

  • Glyphs, Symbols, and Meanings

  • Tying it back to your Birth Chart 


Link to sign up: 


Module 3- Elements, Modalities and Angles Oh My! 

  • Elements, Modalities and Angles

  • Polarities, Axises, Quadrants

  • Tying it back to your Birth Chart 


Link to sign up:


Module 4-  The Characters of the Play

  • Luminaries

  • Personal Planets

  • Tying it back to your Birth Chart


Link to sign up:


Module 5-  The Characters in a Social and Group Setting

  • Social Planets

  • Outer Planets

  • Chiron 

  • Tying it back to your Birth Chart


Link to sign up:


Module 6-  The Characters and their Costumes

  • Signs and the Planets expression

  • Brief overview of House System


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Module 7- The Setting

  • The Houses, Rulerships and Depositors

  • Chart Shapes

  • Tying back to your Birth Chart


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Module 8-  Opportunities and Choice Points

  • Nodes of the Moon

  • Fate vs Destiny

  • Tying back to your Birth Chart


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Module 9-  Character Interactions

  • Aspects- The plot of the story

  • Synthesize and Delineate your chart

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