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Nine Gate Mystery School


International Coach Federation

Success Unlimited Network

Live Awake!

In each moment, be you. Unbounded... Alive.

In this moment – right now – what do you hope for? Peace. Health. Love. Security. Understanding. Externally defined, these hopes remain subject to the whim of your thoughts and emotions. Embodied, these qualities reveal a new reality – a new way of meeting life, thus changing your life forever. The Nine Gates Mystery School issues an invitation to individuals like you who know living takes courage, individuals who welcome direct experience as their teacher.

Client by client, ICF coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance. They make a real and measurable difference in people’s lives, which is why we’re passionate about making sure our coaches and the institutions that train them are well equipped to do their jobs.

Mission: SUN is a global network of coaches, coach trainers, coach mentors, and coaching leaders who inspire purposeful being for the evolution of humanity.

Vision: We are Emissaries of Purposeful Being

Core Beliefs: We believe that every person has a purpose and unlimited potential, and by living on purpose we empower potential that accelerates evolution.

Key Values: Purposefulness, Integrity, Service, Connectedness, Discovery and Human Spirit.


We take pride in valuing quality, not quantity so we offer customized, highly individualized quality coaching, coach training and mentoring.

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