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Thought-Based Approach

"Empowering individuals to rebel against unconscious living and create success from the inside out."

Support That Makes a Difference

The best aspect of working with me is that your success in your professional and personal life, is my top priority. I become your partner and motivator, as you grow in self-awareness, achieve your goals, and become the person you want to be. Leveraging my extensive professional background, along with my intuitive studies and practices, I guide you towards your own inner wisdom and insights.  My evidence based coaching offers support as you bust through the status quo, and courageously take action and ownership for your ongoing choices and success. Using a direct, compassionate, thought-provoking, and inspiring approach, I invite my clients to stretch beyond what they once thought possible and accomplish great things.

Today’s complex, demanding, and constantly changing world calls for excellence, radical leadership and extreme authenticity. The best leaders combine conscious leadership and the desire for excellence with building trust, understanding the importance of people and relationships, and embodying strong values that are in alignment with themselves and the organization.

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Creating Your Plan for Success

Success Coaching Session

Discover, Disrupt and Develop Your Success

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it challenges them and empowers them to live life on their terms. They discover their unique gifts, disrupt the limiting thought patterns, and develop useful tools for their ongoing success. My job is to provide you with a confidential, professional, and safe space. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

Success Coaching can assist with:

  • Defining, setting, and achieving short and long-term goals

  • Gaining clarity on your ideal life and vision of success

  • Improving overall happiness

  • Breaking free from limiting beliefs

  • Building confidence

  • Forming better relationships

  • Sharpening focus in an age of distraction

  • Finding purpose and living with intention

  • Getting organized and better managing your time

  • Building knowledge, skills, and mindsets to help you thrive in times of stress, challenge, and transition

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"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart."- Helen Keller

Wheat Field

Career Coaching Session

Guidance & Inspiration

Are you an accomplished professional looking to up your game in preparation for the next job promotion or opportunity? Seeking to hone your effectiveness in your current role?  Thinking about moving into a managerial role and want to develop aligned skills now?  Considering your professional impact and legacy and wanting to optimize that over time?  If so, Wellspace offers leadership and impact coaching to help you grow your leadership now so that you’re set up to pursue the professional path you want in the future…whether that’s two months or two years from now.

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Happy Hiking

Leadership-Decision Maker Coaching Session

Clean Up and Level Up

Leadership Coaching assists Leaders and Professionals across the globe with creating an environment that places a priority on learning the skills and knowledge that grows the organization fundamentally, financially,  and holistically. This program a is designed to help you grow your leadership from the inside out, thereby giving you greater influence in your everyday life. You will learn and develop:

  • A greater ability to leverage your strengths and personal leadership style

  • Enhance your organizational capacity

  • Develop executive presence and communication skills

  • Build people management skills

  • Design a professional learning plan tailored to your unique strengths and impact aspirations

  • Embrace and embody authentic leadership

  • Develop and learn ways to inspire others and cultivate a collaborative and fulfilling working environment

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

- Lao Tzu

Astrology & Intuitive Session

I believe in the field of infinite possibilities and that by tapping into this field is where your soul truly evolves. Leveraging the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience,  I am able to get to the heart of any matter for you.


Each session involves direct communication, deep listening, and compassion which help us both to connect to your inner wisdom, divine nature, and guides. Providing a safe, confidential environment for you is my top priority.  This allows me to gently and safely lead you to explore not only the obvious aspects of your life, but the uncharted territories where more treasure is buried. No subject is to big or too small. A large majority of my clients are business executives, entrepreneurs, and people who are truly looking for ways to continue to grow, evolve, and expand their inner world to effectively create and thrive in their outer world.

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